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Rubber Band

I know, it's been a while since my last blog post. Again, that sounds like a confession. Usually, I need something to inspire me to write. When that bug hits me, I can bust it out in minutes. So bear with me on this one because this sucker flowed out of me, ladies! I felt… Continue reading Rubber Band

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Two Fab Femmes – Coming at Ya!

Hi all. Have you subscribed to the Two Fab Femmes Podcast yet? Each and every Friday, we bring you new topics, opinions and laughter. From fashion to politics, and everything in between, underneath, above, inside and outside. Consider us your security blanket covering every relatable topic we women go through. Click here to listen!  We… Continue reading Two Fab Femmes – Coming at Ya!

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A Love Letter of Sorts…

Love is a powerful word, emotion, need, desire and want. It's everywhere. No matter if you embrace it or you don't. You may feel it most with your family, children, spouse/partner/lover (whatever label you use), and close friends. There are so many other loves: your pets, your job/career, money, passions, a good movie, a colorful… Continue reading A Love Letter of Sorts…

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5 Tips to Survive the Rough Waters of Dating

I have garnered a lot of advice from friends over the years on dating. I’ve absorbed it, dissected it, analyzed it, shared a lot of it with all of you, and incorporated some of it into my life. I can give good advice to others but when it comes to myself, I’m just as lost… Continue reading 5 Tips to Survive the Rough Waters of Dating

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5 Things for Single Gals to Remember

I'm such a fan of strong women and impressed by how so many carry the majority of the load and keep it all together. I admire women who are in solid relationships, who maintain balance, make time for themselves and enjoy life. It's not an easy feat to balance career, family and everything life throws… Continue reading 5 Things for Single Gals to Remember

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4 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Single Person

I’m just going to say it! It is tough to be a single woman on Valentine’s Day. Oh sure, Valentine's Day is what a lot of people consider a “Hallmark holiday,” and some would say it's a ridiculous day, period. With all the hoopla around this day, being alone on Valentine's Day just plain stinks.… Continue reading 4 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Single Person