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Please, Just Don’t…

This one is actually for the single men out there who have dating profiles. After chatting with some of my fabulous and single girlfriends, I compiled a list of their shared experiences and added some of my own regarding online dating and men's profiles. One of my favorite memes of all time is "So you're… Continue reading Please, Just Don’t…

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Resiliencey as a Virtue

A few posts back I wrote a piece on positive psychology. I also have been thinking about the word resiliency. Is it an adaptive trait, virtue, or both? I uncovered that it's considered a virtue and a core concept of positive psychology. Why am I not surprised? I do find it interesting that this subject… Continue reading Resiliencey as a Virtue

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A Break from Dating: 10 Things Learned for Next Time

Is there anyone else out there who has been dating as long as me? I have been dating so long; I should have a dating app named after me. I’m exhausted. I am no quitter, but my patience is wearing thin. It's time to hang up the proverbial dating hat and take a much-needed break.… Continue reading A Break from Dating: 10 Things Learned for Next Time


15 Non Resolutions for 2016

2016 is here. Reflecting on 2015, I realize what an extraordinary year it has been. Throughout the world, it was a controversial and violent year full of opposing viewpoints, horrific tragedies, revelations and a much-needed call for change. Personally, 2015 had some high and low points. Mostly high points. I've learned a lot about myself,… Continue reading 15 Non Resolutions for 2016

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5 Ways to Cope with Christmas

The other morning I received a call from one of my dearest friends. It’s hard to believe we met over 16 years ago when our flight was canceled and we were both stranded in airport limbo. Incidentally, we were eight years old at the time! Okay, or eight times something. She is one of those… Continue reading 5 Ways to Cope with Christmas

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5 Things for Single Gals to Remember

I'm such a fan of strong women and impressed by how so many carry the majority of the load and keep it all together. I admire women who are in solid relationships, who maintain balance, make time for themselves and enjoy life. It's not an easy feat to balance career, family and everything life throws… Continue reading 5 Things for Single Gals to Remember

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4 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Single Person

I’m just going to say it! It is tough to be a single woman on Valentine’s Day. Oh sure, Valentine's Day is what a lot of people consider a “Hallmark holiday,” and some would say it's a ridiculous day, period. With all the hoopla around this day, being alone on Valentine's Day just plain stinks.… Continue reading 4 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Single Person