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The Power of Positive Psychology

Have you heard of positive psychology? A friend of mine forwarded me an article to read about it and it struck a major chord with me. According to the website: psychologytoday.com, "Positive psychology is the study of happiness. Psychology traditionally focused on dysfunction: people with mental illness or other psychological problems and how to treat them.… Continue reading The Power of Positive Psychology

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The Holidays: Special Needs Style

  By: Shari Grande - Grande Parenting Solutions At the risk of sounding like Mrs. Grinch I have a confession. I don’t like the Holidays. There, I said it. Perhaps if we could go back to celebrating Halloween AND Thanksgiving prior to the barrage of decorations, cards, food, dinner party invitations, commitments, more food, and… Continue reading The Holidays: Special Needs Style

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Finding “The Happy”

For some happy is a state of mind, for others it takes a conscious effort. Your definition of happy may be different from your neighbor’s definition of happy. How do you define happy? It could come from a number of sources: feelings, objects, pets, people, and places. Maybe it is more subjective: A baby’s giggle,… Continue reading Finding “The Happy”

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Not Such a Sweet Pea

July 8, 2014 · by Lisa Goldman · in Updates After completing 3 rounds of maintenance chemo (Avastin & Alimta), I went for a CT scan last week. The results were mostly positive (or technically “negative,” as my MD friend corrected me) with one caveat. All previously noted nodules have remained stable, shrunk a bit… Continue reading Not Such a Sweet Pea

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A Special Kind of Anniversary

August 22 is a very poignant anniversary for our family. On that date seven years ago, my husband Vin and I heard, "your son has autism." At the time, I was quite certain I would never be the same. In fact, there are days where I am unrecognizable to myself and people who knew me… Continue reading A Special Kind of Anniversary