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Small Changes Make Big Differences

Changing up your workout occasionally is great for keeping things fresh and preventing you from hitting a plateau. However, some of us have limited equipment or a limited knowledge of different exercises. Here is a list of ways you can change it up without having to figure out a new routine. Weight: This may seem… Continue reading Small Changes Make Big Differences

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When Motivation Fails

I have been planning on writing more for a long time. Every time I decided it was time to sit down and finally put pen to paper, something else would come up and I would put it on the back burner. It's not like that something else was always something important unless one considers catching… Continue reading When Motivation Fails

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Headlines and Clickbait

I thought I would take some time to discuss finding health and fitness information on the internet. This is something that comes up all the time in conversations with my clients. We try to do the best we can to educate ourselves, but are inundated with conflicting information, exaggerated headlines, and clickbait. For those of you who… Continue reading Headlines and Clickbait


Gone Fishing with Actress Anne Marie Howard

50 Shades of Health chats with the actress, Anne Marie Howard to discuss fitness, nutrition, overall wellness and more. I met Anne Marie about fourteen years ago in Los Angeles through a mutual friend. She graciously agreed to star in a short film that my brother and I co-wrote, co-produced and directed. Anne Marie is… Continue reading Gone Fishing with Actress Anne Marie Howard

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Balancing the Scales with KFMB-TV 8 News Anchor Carlo Cecchetto

CBS 8 Weeknight Evening Anchor, Carlo Cecchetto, sits down with 50 Shades of Health for an up-close and personal look into how he stays fit, his diet habits, and how he believes life/work related pressures and stresses. Carlo’s sports du jour are running and Soccer. Although Soccer is Carlo’s first athletic passion, his focus is primarily… Continue reading Balancing the Scales with KFMB-TV 8 News Anchor Carlo Cecchetto