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To see and be me

Portraits by Photographer Peter Jamus
After this current presidential election, I spoke to some women and read a few posts and articles about their concerns for their futures and the futures of their daughters. I’m not sure what changes lie ahead for us. None of us know. I’m not sure if this will be a setback for women or if much will change at all. I do know it made me reflect on what is important to me as a woman and how women are perceived. It usually is not how we see ourselves.

I am a single woman, making a living, working hard and trying to find a strong, long lasting relationship. I believe in my right to control what, when, how and why I do, think, act, care, and feel the way I do. My hope is most if not all women feel the same.

The below words flowed out of me this morning (funny how that happens sometimes) and I felt compelled to share.

To see

I am much more than you see.
You may judge me by my looks; I am more then you see.
You may assume you know the kind of person I am; I am much more than you see.
You may think it is okay to criticize, stereotype, or judge me based on your criteria; I am so much more than what you see.

To be

I am fierce when I need to be.
I am demure when I want to be.
I am strong because I was taught to be
I am independent because I have to be.
I am loving and kind because I choose to be.
I am sensitive and caring because I was raised to be.
You may think I am too above you and honestly, I may be.
I am feisty, even-tempered, persistent, hard-working because my parents made me to be.
Say I can’t and I will because that is how my brain is wired to be.


Nine times out of ten, my instincts are right, so I need to believe more in me.
I like to take care of myself because it is good for me.
I have an amazing sense of humor because humor and laughter are medicine for me.
I am protective of those I love so don’t mess with them, or you will deal with me.
I may fall for your charms and game playing for a time because I still believe in the fairytale that was once promised to me.
I try to be two steps ahead of it all because preparing is innate in me.
I am a sexy woman because that’s how some see me.
I am self-conscious and self-deprecating because I allowed others to affect how I see me.
You may think I don’t need much on the surface, but you haven’t gotten to the root of me.
I may be sensitive to your words, but you can’t break me.
I may hurt when you leave, but I bounce back quick because I want the best for me.
You may think negative words you say don’t hurt because I may not react or fight back which is a choice by me.
I make mistakes and learn from them because that is what teaches me.
I am street smart and educated that doesn’t make me untouchable it is just part of me.
Ask me to do something, and I will figure it out, because solving problems intrigues me.
If you love me and treat me with respect, I will give you my all because that is the example my parents gave me.
And lastly, say what you will but most importantly I am beautiful inside and out to me.

This one was for all my beautiful, crazy, fun, smart, hilarious and lovely friends. Love you all!

One thought on “To see and be me

  1. Gina your article is not only enlightening and powerful. It is truthful and this election has set women back 100 years. Women need to stand up and say wait a minute I am not an object for men and their desires, we are powerful human beings.

    Men have always regarded women as their possessions and objects to use at their will. Women have pushed back and said I am a person with feelings, a business mind and intelligent, which of course will scare away most men, who are afraid of intelligent women who can think for themselves. I am a Grandmother of 3 granddaughters and fear what they will have to overcome in the future because of what we have elected into power as our President. Thank you for your article. Love you Terry

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