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4 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Single Person

I’m just going to say it! It is tough to be a single woman on Valentine’s Day. Oh sure, Valentine’s Day is what a lot of people consider a “Hallmark holiday,” and some would say it’s a ridiculous day, period. With all the hoopla around this day, being alone on Valentine’s Day just plain stinks. Feel free to disagree with me if you so choose. It’s a lover’s holiday, and if you are alone, it can be rough. However, being single on this day does not necessary mean you are alone. I’m sure you have friends in the same boat and family who don’t think you have a third eye because you are single. You can choose to treat this day like any other and make the best of it. Who wouldn’t want to be surprised be long stem, red roses or a heart-shaped box of candy? Even a handwritten note to show you care is better than nothing at all. That said, it is not the end of the world if you don’t have a special someone on this one, particular day. You will survive and you do have options

Here are a four ways to enjoy this loved filled holiday as a single gal:

Don’t wallow:

You don’t need to wear all black in protest, feel angst, promote “anti-love,” or boycott the entire day. There is no need to throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party or host a dark themed happy hour with your single friends. Plan a fun night out with your single friends just like you would any other night. Avoid romantic restaurants but do smile at the adoring couples holding hands who pass you on the street. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

It’s not always easy to be alone on this day, but make the best with what you’ve got sista (or brother for that matter). And honey, you have a lot! This year Valentine’s Day lands on a Saturday. Go out and enjoy the day. Do something with friends and do something for yourself. Have a spa day, read a good book, go on a morning hike, go shopping, or catch a movie (a comedy or action movie preferred).

Look it in the eye:

Look Valentine’s Day direct in the eye and realize it’s just another day like any other. Well, okay a day full of hearts, flowers, jewelry, and candy, but who’s looking? Okay, it’s hard to escape because it is everywhere. And oh boy is it everywhere! But so what!! Buy yourself your favorite box of chocolates or a rose bush you can plant and enjoy for month’s maybe years to come. Don’t get me wrong, romance is a wonderful thing, and a bouquet of roses does make your heart go pitter-pat. But it’s just one day out of your life. It is not your forever. So go on and make the best of it.

Always look on the bright side:

Yes! Look at the bright side: no set menu, no uncomfortable and complicated lingerie, no succumbing to the pressure of the holiday, freedom to go and do what you want, and no need to search for the perfect gift to show your love (or like, depending). It is an expensive day for some people, and that’s all fine and good. Personally, I like to save my money for more important stuff like shoes and handbags. Of course, it would be impressive and lovely if a man you care about, or just met, offered to take you out somewhere special. But if it doesn’t happen, so be it. Find ways to enjoy the day on your terms. Know that life can change in the blink of an eye. Maybe next February 14th you will be the one sitting in that fancy restaurant with the love of your life contemplating what ridiculously, overpriced entrée to order.

Yes, Ice cream is a comfort food but…

You could sulk at home in your singleness on that day, stuff your face and cry bitter tears into your Haagen Dazs. Oh, is that just me? I’m kidding. No crying allowed.

I am glad that this year it lands on a Saturday. Not sure I can take another one of these holidays in an office. It’s always that one coworker, who met someone two weeks ago, is deeply in love and receives the largest, most ridiculously obscene bouquet of roses that you have ever seen. I’m waiting for the day someone snaps and tears up that lovely, rustic bouquet and strangles someone with the big, red bow. Did I really just say that out loud and write it here? I digress. If it’s that important to you, send yourself flowers. Why not? Tell people they are from a secret admirer or a good friend. Okay, that may come off as weird but at least you won’t feel excluded. Better yet, friends should send single friends flowers on this day just to mix it up and show you care. Whatever you do, don’t mope around, contemplate what once was or what could have been, and most importantly put the Haagen Dazs down!

This one is for my recently single friends out there. Don’t let Valentine’s day eat at your insides. It’s not worth it. I hope that you lonely souls out there at least got a chuckle from my rant. Know you are not alone, and this is just a day out of the life. There is no need to feel bad, feel alone or feel left out. Truly, your most important valentine is yourself.

By| Gina Cafasso

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