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What is Grande Parenting Solutions?

Grande Parenting Solutions, Shari Grande, MSW, Parent Coach

Shari Grande, MSW, PCI Certified Parent Coach

Are you struggling to be the best parent possible for your child?  When a child has a developmental, social, emotional or learning challenge everyone in the family is affected.  Parent coaching starts with you, the parent and supports you and your partner on the journey of raising a child with unique needs. special needs parent coach, parent coach, autism, dyslexia, IEP plan, 504 plan, parenting skills, special needs advocacy, learning differences, california, Shari Grande, Grande Parenting SolutionsParent coaches provide tools and strategies to help you and your family thrive. Coaching may be an alternative or supplement to traditional therapy, focusing on sustainable daily routines and practical solutions.

I am a parent of two children with special needs and live with the same challenges as you, I share your fears and joys and celebrate the small ‘wins’ our children make.  Allow me help you, so you may help your child. I have years of experience working with families with special needs, including my own.  I understand how tough it can be to navigate the systems to find the best help for your child.  How to be supportive, when to set limits, how to manage school, homework, social issues, as well as pressure from extended family and the community.  Allow me help you, so you may help your child.

You know your family best. I can offer a fresh perspective, and help you problem solve as someone who has been in the same trenches with my own family, and who has helped others find their compass.

A few areas a parent coach can help you and your family:

  • Navigating systems: Working with teachers, doctors and specialists, or choosing the best school or provider, can be challenging. Coaches walk you through the process, finding strategies that ensure the best outcome for your child.
  • Negotiating differences: Parents often disagree about treatment options or how to handle behavior challenges. Family coaches help you identify shared values, understand your differences, and forge a unified team.
  • Balancing children’s needs: It’s not easy being the sibling of a special needs child. Siblings may feel invisible, resentful, or overly responsible. Coaches help you build routines that meet the needs of all your children.
  • Finding time for Self Care: Coaches help you find ways to nurture yourself and strengthen the relationships that support you, increasing your reserves of energy, and help you find joy.

I am delighted to work with parents of children with or without special needs who are seeking parent coaching.

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