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Fashion Wisdom to “Women in Clothes”

By | Meghan Strocco

Meg2Hi everyone. I am back with words of wisdom. Well, I am just back with words 🙂 My sister Julie sent me a book, and it really is special. It spoke to me. It’s called “Women in Clothes.” I won’t bore you with too many details- you can go grab the book yourself, or you can borrow mine. But it is essentially about Women, and how what they wear is connected to how they feel. How clothing can give confidence, give a boost to morale and spirit, and can be an incredible tool in building women into who they want to be.

I don’t know about you, but I truly feel wonderful when I am: 1) clean and showered, 2) dressed in something other than yoga pants, and 3) when people compliment me on how I look ( especially my husband ). My point is the book finally acknowledges that how we look is attached to how we FEEL. It’s not shallow. It’s humans craving compliments and warmth in a world that can be harsh and critical.

I think the most interesting part of the book for me was the section that focused on jewelry. It’s called “ring cycle” and it focuses on 15 women who photocopied their hands and then told the story of their jewelry. What could be more personal and beautiful than that?Meg1 So, in honor of this moving chapter, I am going to tell you the story of my rings- at least the ones that I wear daily. Before my mom passed away, she gave my husband her diamond ring. It was special and beautiful. When I put it on I felt my mom, and I connected again. I wore it with pride, constantly glancing at it, remembering when it was on my mother’s finger. The sapphire eternity band is my original wedding band- I just have always loved sapphires, so no deep meaning there.

Fast forward to our ten-year wedding anniversary. I knew my husband was up to something, and he Meg3then surprised me at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse with the ring you see here. My mom’s stone is on the left, a representation of my past. The other stones are our present and future. These rings will be my daughter’s one day, and maybe I will save something for my future daughter-in-law. If she is nice to me.

Look at your lovely hand. What do you have on? A treasure from a flea market? A family heirloom? So many stories can grow from what we wear. I want to hear your story. I also will pay more attention and ask more questions and pay more compliments when I see something lovely. When you ask someone about what they are wearing, you are inviting a story, a friendship, and making someone feel worthwhile in a world that can be forgetful.

So I leave you with that mission on this October day. And remember to tell me your hand story and send pictures!!!!

“A young gay man on the street waved his finger from my head to my toes, approving of my look. I felt damn good that day” — An excerpt from Women in Clothes

Talk to you soon,

Meg 🙂

Shared Stories:

I have two:

IMG_5875I was a dancer way back in the day and had a competition in NYC one summer. One of my favorite colors is purple. I saw a unique gold and amethyst ring in the window of a small jewelry store in Manhattan. Something about it struck me but we walked by and although I thought about it, I let it slide by. I’m not much of a jewelry person but this ring was stunning to me. After the competition was over my mom gave me a small box. Inside was the ring. It means a lot to me because it was my first real piece of jewelry and my mom went out of her way to buy it for me.

The other is one of those stories that I find hard to write about. I was going through a rough patch. On top of it, I received a call that I will never forget. My dear friend’s motheIMG_0164r called me with news of my friend’s passing. I knew before I picked up the call. I tried so hard to hold in my sobs because I didn’t want her to have to console me. I could not imagine her pain. I took a short break from my job to get some air. As I walked to the corner, I stepped on something and kicked it back. It rolled back to me. I kicked it again and again it rolled back to me. I looked down and picked up the pesky, little rolling thing. It was a ring with the words embossed “This Too Shall Pass.” If that is not a sign, I don’t know what is…    — GC

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