Fall Preview: Part One

It is beyond hard to THINK even about fall fashion when it is 80 plus degrees outside. So, I focused on having some frozen yogurt. 🙂 However, that all changed this last week- a dear friend of mine had a fashion show type party at her house. I felt inspired, so I shopped. Moreover, it… Continue reading Fall Preview: Part One


A Personal Story: My Nonni Josephine

I’ve written about some heavy topics in my short time as a Blogger, but this one is probably the most personal (believe it or not), the hardest and most profound of all for me. I asked my Mom if she would allow me to share a very personal experience that she doesn’t tell anyone. She… Continue reading A Personal Story: My Nonni Josephine

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Finding “The Happy”

For some happy is a state of mind, for others it takes a conscious effort. Your definition of happy may be different from your neighbor’s definition of happy. How do you define happy? It could come from a number of sources: feelings, objects, pets, people, and places. Maybe it is more subjective: A baby’s giggle,… Continue reading Finding “The Happy”