How to Eat Healthy and Stay on Track When You Travel

It’s official. I’ve got Brooklyn Fever.

Last week, I booked my week-long getaway for mid-July! I can hardly contain myself.

What started out as a quick trip to NYC for a weekend workshop quickly turned in to a 7-day-NY-Lovefest.

I haven’t been to NY since I was in culinary school back in 2004. 10 years ago. Wow – time flies.

Although I’ve only been to Brooklyn a handful of times, I remember saying that if I ever moved back to NY, I’d live in Brooklyn. Now, I’ll finally get my chance. (If only for a week).

I know I’m not the only one planning a trip these days… a lot of my clients are dealing with travel plans and they’re wondering how to “stay on track” – eating healthy and balanced and mindfully while in a new place and on the go. I figured you might be wondering as well! So I’ll be spending some time in the coming weeks sharing practical tips and mindset tricks from my own adventures (and misadventures).

To start, here’s a glimpse into how I began to approach my NY adventure and how I help my clients plan for a trip:

As I was looking for places to stay (friends, hotels, airbnb), in the back of my mind I was always thinking about food. If I stay at a hotel, I’ll have to have all my meals out… if I stay with friends I hope they have a good kitchen… if I stay at an airbnb I’ll get to make some of my own meals….

I think this way because food and travel is a big deal. I’ve learned a lot about my travel needs and what works best for me.

I enjoy myself the most when I’m well-nourished, meaning I’m eating healthy, I’m eating when I need to, I’m eating when I’m relaxed, and I’m not overdoing it.

If I’m starving, stuffed, or stressed about food, I feel like absolute, utter crap.

And while I never ever EVER want to feel like crap… I especially don’t when I’m traveling.

So I think ahead a lot.

I’m also a huge foodie and I love to eat out. So I’ll have to find a good balance for me. I booked a place on airbnb with a full kitchen and fabulous hostess. When I get in I’ll check out the neighborhood and do a quick grocery run. Breakfasts will mostly be made at home (because I love my breakfasts). I’ll do some of my lunches out or pack something to take with me. Dinners will be fun – I’ll find some fabulous restaurants and share meals with friends (maybe I’ll even sneak in a date or 2 while I’m there). I may cook 1 – 2 dinners at home for my hostess and we can sit out on her rooftop, enjoy and connect.

I’ll also pack protein bars to have on hand for emergencies, but I’m pretty sure I’ll always be a stone’s throw from an amazing café, restaurant, or market.

As my trip nears, I’ll fill in the specifics. Make dinner dates with friends, find the must-try restaurants I absolutely must try, and figure out where the best grocery stores are and what I want to cook.

Mmmm… and finding the best restaurants is going to be so much fun. And the sites. The museums. The shops. The people.

That’s the other thing: Focus on the fun. Then, set yourself up to enjoy every single moment.

Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Brooklyn.

It’s gonna be amazing.

With love,


By | Kristen Kancler

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